Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Sassbeos Redux - Now in version 3.0

Yes, you there in the corner of the internet. The one that was brave enough to click on the link or that swears you saw a pig flying by your window. And you probably did - as is evidenced by the fact that there is a new post on my blog.

Its not that my brain has stopped working for oh, roughly a year or so. I have been posting little snippets of how the redhead brain works on Facebook and whatnot. Its just that sitting down and writing something you know - organized and remotely thoughtful has been a little bit of a challenge. And since I just had my third kid (holy shit, how did that happen?) it seems a less challenging time to start back up. Yeah, whatever. Like I don't have enough going on with maternity leave that re-committing to this type of thing strikes me a slightly insane. And it probably is. The problem comes from the fact that my brain is a jumble of thoughts, snark-a-licious comments and generally judgmental observations that need to get out less they drive me to the looney bin. If my kids don't drop me off there first.

Not sure what I want to start with - that whole being pregnant thing is still pretty fresh and lord knows I have a lot to say on that count. As I do delivering said baby, being at home for a stretch of time, balancing 3 kids, and well - roughly 6846 other things I can think to share with you. I think today, as I sit in sub-arctic late February weather, surrounded by roughly a Mt. Everest stack of laundry that by all rights I should be current on, it is enough to just mark my return to the blog-o-sphere. Now I need you all to keep me honest and make sure that I continue to post on a regular basis. That will be the leading story for 2014 if I can keep it up. Time will tell.
But believe me when I say that while my cool card is on the verge of being revoked, my fashion sense has diminished in direct proportion to the outflow of money to child care, I can't make it past 10:52 PM on a given night without falling asleep on the couch and well, I can't even lie to the lady at the DMV anymore about my weight - my wit and straight talking approach to the world hasn't changed. Count on that.
More to come kiddos - come back and check me out soon. There are all kinds of thoughts abrewing in the noggin. Should be fun.

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